Express Bus – Line A – Between Airport and Málaga

There is a new express bus connecting the airport and Málaga, with only 7 intermediate stops between the two destinations. It takes about 20-25 minutes and costs 3€. This transport is conveniently equipped with luggage racks.

The bus runs everyday from the airport to Plaza del General Torrijos (at the end of Málaga park). Stops are at Avenida de Velazquez, La Hoz (Huelin Market), Ayala (Los Arcos), Maria Zambrano Station, Paseo de los Tilos (bus station), Avenida de Andalucia, Alameda Principal, Paseo del Parque and Plaza del General Torrijos.

From the airport to Málaga:
The first route leaves at 7:00h, while the last one is at 24:00h, with the bus leaving every 30 minutes approximately.

From Málaga (Plaza del General Torrijos) to the airport:
The first route leaves at 6:25h while the last one at 23:30; the frequency is every 30 minutes approximately.

Cercanias Train Between Airport and Málaga

Renfe Cercanías offers a short distance train service connecting Málaga and the nearby village of Fuengirola. The airport is one of the many intermediate stops, making it just 10 minutes far from Málaga city centre.

The airport train station is located just outside Terminal 3 building. Following the signs you will easily reach the ticket machines, which also have a multi-language option including English. Buying the ticket is compulsory: not only you risk a fine, but you will also need it physically to enter the station and leave it after our arrival; the ticket must be validated both at the entrance and exit turnstiles. The Málaga side is clearly marked on the left, if you need to reach Torremolinos or Benalmádena you need the Fuengirola side on the right.

All Málaga suburban trains leave from and arrive at Málaga Centro Alameda, which is located by the Tetuan Bridge (Puente de Tetuán). It is not the best place to arrive, unless your hotel or any other destination of your interest is located nearby, as it appears to be more of a utilitarian exit for locals. Maria Zambrano (the stop before Málaga Centro Alameda) is the main transport interchange station for Media Distancia and AVE trains and also has a large taxi rank to Málaga hotels.